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vinyl (12 tracks) and cd (16 tracks) on Hazelwood

Lou, Short for Loser video


DM Bob : one man band : drums, guitar, harmonica, saxophone, vocals, all at the same time

Country Jem : banjo, guitar, saxophone, lap steel, vocals


BBQ Bob, Too late for Tequilla (cd only), Girlfriend Stole my Alien, Lou Short for Loser, Groovy Situation, Rokit Scyntist, Space Hog (cd only), Who Put the Cunt in Cuntrey ?, How Can Evil Look So Good ?, I'll Be Your Good Thing, I Like It that Way, Pachinko, Rocketship, Astropad (cd only), Dixie Cannonball (cd only), Home on the Moon

Lyrics !


A review from a german website:

Some one surely still remembers the legendary star Trek consequence "The Way ton of Eden", when Spock makes music spontaneously together with one in space aufgegabelten horde/hurdle Hippies: the Hippies plays itself, completely like it fuer's 23. Century belongs, good old Beat music, before the old pointed ear on its volcanic harp the whole one einhaucht somewhat spherical. We started a similar experiment: We put "Bum Steer" from DM Bob & Country Jem on the plattenteller - whereby it itself around erdigen (jo!), times acts dirty, times heart-moving, times schunkeligen Country skirt -, and in addition by InterNet Stream synthetic sounds of the Website "longplayer.org" to run leave. Super sounds. So similarly as cheese rolls with jam. Or space-time, which quietscht before curvature ("Mr. Einstein! Give ME A PhD!"). With the Longplayer it acts around to 1.1.2000 started project, with that a music sequence geloopt and by means of the mathematical formula "Play from position (RK time t) for 2 minutes, where: position (RK time t) is changed = position (RK time t - 1) + increment ". Up to 31.12.2999 the Longplayer will further-play, without repeating itself only once. The original sequence composed Jem Finer, his indication joint founder of the Pogues and - which will have guessed attentive readers it - the second half of DM Bob & Country Jem. As Country Jem it has so no problem with repetitive music sequences, is this nevertheless a nature characteristic of good, old Rock'n'Roll, which it gives peppered with Country, Cajun, Blues and Bluegrass with its buddy to DM Bob on all kinds of native instruments here to the best one. DM Bob hat's of the Mississippi to the Elbe strike by the way sometime, and it has just as absurd job in the genuine life as Jem: he teaches English to the two types, which always argue on the television about the milk cuts. If Bob and Jem loose-put now together, it drives one in accordance with the formula "counts from 1 to 4 and lets the cows dance" lactic acid into the thighs. Because who jumps not immediately to the Squaredance auf's parquet, the heart does not sit at the right mark. Here geht's so directly and rau to the thing that sometimes one must force a tear away, whether with all its Trashigkeit so pure and directly Knaller aiming in the heart. Live ones are pulled shortly on route all registers, if Jem sets again its banjo in flames and so that a small beacon into space, which reaches, thus it few light-years far away a someone on a far space station, the message of the timelessness of the Rock'n'Rolls sends brings. Rock'n'Roll wants more never those, and that is (refrained from many exceptions) well so, in the case of "Bum Steer" even very good. Some things are to evenly condemned again repeat themselves. Again and again.

Another one :

Wow, which a Kracher! There from Louis IANA coming and since 1991 painters and musician Deutschmeister Bob Tooke (DM Bob and the Deficits) and the former banjo player of the Pogues, Country Jem Finer living in Hamburg did nevertheless, together and flockig one of the best albums of the yearly from the wrist vibrated. There the garage in the Polka rhythm wackelt and if Bob begins, appears themselves to yodel even the most hardsimmered Punks of the Hanseatic city for the Squaredance! The gentlemen however already were allowed to experience their knight impact before appearance of your Longplayers: those meanwhile the deceased BBC-1-Legende, John Peel, had taken up Two one volume two Peel sessions still in the autumn 2004 with that. In addition they are to be seen in its film "on the road with John Peel". One probably calls that Vorschusslorbeeren. And these did not eingeheimst in vain DM Bob and Jem Finer. The plate presents itself as finer style-mixes from Blues, Country, Cajun, Bluegrass garniert with a due prize Punk. From garagerockigen Krachern ("bar-b-q Bob") over gently Blues Tunes groovende there ("Groovy situation"), alcohol pregnant woman Cajun soil compactor ("Too Late For Tequila") and depended Country Walzer ("Home on the moon") up to driving Polka party hits ("Pachinko") reaches the repertoire. Does not become boring in 1000 years. 1000 years long the composition will by the way be played by Jem Finer for the "Longplayer" project of the astro+physical institute London at as different places as the planetarium of the library of Alexandria or the cultural center "The Powerhouse" in Brisbane, Australia. Fortunately completely so long we do not have to wait for seeing DM Bob & Country Jem live. Between 19. and 29.9.2005 the Germany route is to start. Exact dates are not certain unfortunately, thus eyes keep open - live might work the prescription of the two still better than already with its Studioaufnahmen! DM Bob one can experience already times solo on the Hazelwood Independent festival.

And another one :

German Mark of Bob calls itself the former art student made of Louis IANA with full name, is choice-Hamburg and beside musicians in addition also still painters. Skurril to infantil appear the Portraits its star like the 70er-Blues-Legende Hound Dog Taylor, James Dean or Heino (!) on its homepage. Particularly filigran and sophisticated sixteen the required Songs is however direct also not - for it. Bob avails itself with TexMex, Rockabilly, Country and sounds of DIX IE, of everything garniert with each quantity southnational flair. Text is the Allrounder however far off the Bush messuage on the way. ", he asks Who PUT The Cunt in Cuntrey", and just as crudely and absurdly happens himself it also in TRACKS as "Girlfriend Stole My Alien" (with one A meteor Psychobilly reef) and "bar-b-q-bob". "My name is Lou, short for loose, that's my name", he sings to Steel Guitar Licks, and should hard sausages such as RAP Slim Shady Superstar as of the society betraying produce itself, shows them DM Bob briefly and concisely, how true Outlaws actually sounds itself: roughly and verrucht, bluesig, countrylastig and punkig. As Country Punk DM is Bob to a large extent with its three Mann/Frau Combo, the Deficits, on the way. On "Bum Steer" he together-did however with Country Jem, his indication joint founder of the Pogues and current coworker of the astro+physical institute in Oxford. Nevertheless no trace of spleeniger blowing upness, which one could have acquired oneself as a Pogues member in the interlude of U2 in the stages of this world. DM Bob and Country Jem move faraway time-bound currents and convince through assigned Redneck Weirdness. Whether one would like to enter there with? I paint me the schneidezahn anyhow black and serve to my guests today Tequila to evening bread.

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