Visionary Landscapes was orignally performed as a live soundtrack to a 3 screen projection of out takes from Andrew Kottings film, "Gallivant"

The cd contains studio versions plus one live track featuring Ben Woolford and one of his late fathers home made valve driven electronic organ.

Reviewed : at the milkfactory . . .

"Cut-ups and smidgeons abound. Jem Finer and Andrew Kötting have assembled a veritable bricolage of things folk laureate. Voices from a bygone zeitgeist weave their way throughout the beautifully constructed soundscapes. Elegaic, beguiling and always haunting the compositions mend their merry way. Hurdy Gurdies, Zithers, Melodicas and Harmoniums transport the listener to places they have not been before. Contemplative sonic landscaping at its very best. A right carryon."

Tracks are:

Italy, Sicily, France and Spain, all round England and back again

I don't know where I originated from

John Barley Corn

Away birds away

My mother killed me


How long is a piece of string ?

You should be able to hear John Barley Corn through your default mp3 player (having clicked on it of course)

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